Cultural Dynamics

If you want to get very technical, here is an article to start reading .

Full disclosure: This phrase popped in my head with 0 understanding of the true definition. After reading that article, I think it is accurate in what I am trying to convey.

Sometimes when we talk about emotions, how to act, how to feel, it is difficult to communicate it exactly. As someone who works with computers, technology, software design, team processes, etc…it all comes back to people. And I think about that intersection more as Cultural Dynamics more than anything else.

Why not Psychology?

This word can rub the people the wrong way. It gives the people the notion that any discussion can lead to diagnosing with a “mental illness.” It is always OK to talk about “other” people, but when the discussion could start including them, they push back.

Why not Social Dynamics?

Wikipedia provides a proper definition. Discussions tend to be a “technical” factor in human behavior when I have them. That the way we act, the way we feel, can be reduced down to statistics, Psychology.

I love the word “Culture”

Culture, to me, is more of the human side of Psychology. That we are all not just numbers and statistics and classifications by people we don’t know.

It implies that the human understanding is more of an art, not a science. There is no right(or wrong) answer to any discussion. That where any “sciency” word requires investigation and proof and being technically correct, “artsy” words require more just accepting how we feel or want to feel.

So when I think of culture, I think of it as something rich in history. Something that provides consistency. It doesn’t have to be right or efficient, but something that everyone accepts and can build off of. And when I think of people and groups of people, I think of it being a culture above all else.